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When Warming UP for a Seasonal LIFT-OFF!

Seems the ”Holidays” stretch beyond all New Year’s Eves – now we entered the Year of the Rabbit! Soon Navrouz, looking forward to that, too! Spring, here we come!

But, 1st of Feb, always feels like a New Year’s Eve, for me!

The Seasonal Tides, used as illustration in the Punch Line Ending of my First Book Draft (In Swedish). #TheFlowBooks, soon in 1st Print Edition!

Image: Bay of Fundy. By Tttrung – Created by the uploader, from two separated GFDL photographs (en:Image:Bay_of_Fundy_Low_Tide.jpg and en:Image:Bay_of_Fundy_High_Tide.jpg) taken in 1972 by Samuel Wantman., CC BY-SA 3.0,

—Intentions, set!

Focus of my systematic produce has been, at RE:LOVE THE WORLD dot SUBSTACK dot COM, commencing since Dec 12, 2022 @ 12.12!

Excuse the CAPS LOCK, but just wanted The Servers of Search to hear my screaming, in a little SEO Stund!


Well, in order to keep discipline, and making waves of change, that Daily Habit truly is the core. So –

  • RE:LOVE THE WORLD – Daily – Simply coined The RTW DailyNow on its 2nd Month! Yay! Found its format, truly! The Daily Disco, The Daily Sharing, The Daily Question! Luvv doing it! — UPDATE [March 1] – retitled [TITLE] | [DATE] – after going in hiatus beyond a 45-Day Streak! To be picked up March 1, 2023, again!
  • RE:LOVE THE WORLD – MonthlyThe Newsletter – Had a Pilot Edition of #000 – Last Thursday, December 2022 … ! — UPDATE [March 1] – First Newsletter aimed for March 23, 2023!
  • RE:LOVE THE WORLD – WeeklyThe Monday Macroscope Update, same, same! The Pilot Edition of #0000! Outlining, for recurring Products of Publishing! — UPDATE [March 1] – First Monday Macroscope set for March 6, 2023!

Still working to get the balance right of energies and flows, on the Where/When/How of things, since the What/Why/Who is already answered.

In Core: Editorial Calendar means Editorial Work. And Work, what is? Moving Stuff, regardless being footnutz getting you nutz[1] in a Senior PhD Thesis Trying To ”Make Sense of Just a Little Corner of the Multiverses”-Handicraft, or moving a Sub Bass Heavy Lifting for the Boom of the Lower Frequencies for the Next Musical Event’aight?

And when having Products of Publishing, all things In Constant Flux, as always. Finding a Constant, in the World of the Ever-Changing!

For ”all else”, there will be more … 1st up, my Medium Publishing, turning into Books! In the Core, #TheFlowBooks, in a dedicated series! Beyond that, a Top Priority making a Synthesis of the Megatons of Recent Research on the #Music4Health, shared in a popular and fast-to-get format in an Inner Sleeve Format! And on that Shared 1st Place of ’getting-things-done-and-out-there’, the Systematic Pomodoro Mix creating – where you follow #ThePomodoroMix tag, more than anything! For my contribs, so far – see my SoundCloud Profile over at DJ Anders!

ITMT – sign up for the RTW Publishing to get the update on the level that fits your bill!


Peace & Love,


[1] What FORMAT for FOOT NOTES to keep your HEAD COOL? Standards, Standards, Standards …


And talking about platforming, and standards … The WP Block Editor SUXX – GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Switching back to Classic Editor.


WP Dev Arrogance coming in between the User Friendliness of Stuffs. A sign of WP maybe getting lost and astray, losing its core – the USERS.

When you forget listening, no one’s gonna hear you talking.


Nothing lasts forever, more than Love. And maybe Music ;).




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